Free Through Recovery

Free Through Recovery
North Dakota’s Free Through Recovery program is a community-based program that provides recovery support services for individuals who are involved with the criminal justice system and have behavioral health issues.

Better Together ND and Free Through Recovery

As a provider of Free Through Recovery, Better Together ND offers individuals support through our care coordinators and peer support specialists, who can also direct individuals to recovery services.

Care Coordinators provide an ongoing process with guidance and support in accessing treatment and recovery services, as well as proactively addressing any obstacles to individual success. Care Coordinators will include care planning assessments, referrals, monitoring of clinical services, and collaboration with probation and parole departments in their overall management.

Recovery Services offer a range of individualized resources to promote a healthy and rewarding lifestyle, including access to food assistance programs, housing, educational opportunities, meaningful employment, leisure activities, wellness guidance, family and community support, parenting guidance, spiritual guidance, and more.

Peer Support Specialists are those with similar life encounters who can offer mentoring, advocation, and supply positive direction and resources to overcome issues they likewise experienced themselves.

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Free Through Recovery Requirements:

  • ND resident.
  • 18 years old or older.
  • If you are on probation, parole, or a transfer from prison, ask your case manager about free through recovery.

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